Integrated Campaign for ENERGY PROVIDER 'E WIE EINFACH'

Isn’t it funny that there are many things we don’t do because we think they are too difficult? But once we’ve done them, we realize that it was actually quite easy. It’s the same with changing your electricity provider.

To make people change to electricity provider E WIE EINFACH (E AS EASY) we came up with an integrated campaign that showed: everything can be easy as long as you have the right attitude. 

People followed our idea and changed to “E WIE EINFACH". Now they have an easy electricity provider and a great attitude. 


Chapter 1: Love

Chapter 2: Surviving

Chapter 3: Resistance

ECD: Jo Marie Farwick | CW: Katharina Schmitt | AD: Benny Busse |Director: Daniel Warwick | Production: Bigfish
Awards: ADC Germany